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How can I find out if a Title is available for purchase?

    • DanielHarrison
    • Topic created 2 years ago

    I'm trying to use the Enhanced API to identify is a title is available for purchase or if it is out of stock. Should I use SaleStatus? If so, what option are available for this field? If not, which field should I use instead?

    Cheers, Daniel

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  1. mopakarim7 months ago

    If not, which field should I use instead?

  2. amzounslide4 months ago

    When I open the link I still see This title is not currently available for purchase

    Do you think is it related from where I am trying to browse? I live in UAE and I am trying to view it from there. If it is country restrictions, Is there anything I should do to enable it in all countries?

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