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403 Forbidden on integrated API demo

    • Garrett
    • Topic created 4 weeks ago

    I am trying to test out the API from the IODOCS, from both the Resources API v1 and Enhanced PRH API, and I am consistently getting 403 Forbidden server responses. I made my acct yesterday, and decided to wait a day( it has been about 20 hours) but this issue was happening then as well. I have tried Enhanced PRH API>ListCategories>ISBN as well as trying Resources API> Images> ISBN

    Request URI Request Headers X-Originating-IP: (let me know if this is needed) Response Status 403 Forbidden Response Headers Content-Type: text/xml Date: Sat, 28 Dec 2019 22:53:01 GMT Server: Mashery Proxy X-Error-Detail-Header: Account Inactive X-Mashery-Error-Code: ERR_403_DEVELOPER_INACTIVE X-Mashery-Responder: Content-Length: 27 Connection: keep-alive Response Body <h1>Developer Inactive</h1>

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  1. Tom4 weeks ago

    Although registering for a key is open, the key has to be activated by a PRH staff member. Our offices have been closed since December 23rd and isn't scheduled to reopen until January 2nd. That is why you are getting the 401. I happened to check in on a couple of things today and have activated a number of keys, including yours.

  2. samsungMobile4 weeks ago

    When you have some time can you activcate me key too?

  3. samsungMobile3 weeks ago

    Hello Tom or other support team members: Could you activate my key - its been ages now? Is anyone supporting this API at all?

  4. Tom3 weeks ago

    @samsungMobile - your key has been activated.

  5. Garrett3 weeks ago

    Tom, Thanks so much! I thought it may be a long shot that you guys are still up and running because it looked like it had been awhile since the last forum post. I am happy to see this and thanks again for activating me!

  6. samsungMobile6 days ago

    Hi if anyone is around could they activate my new key? Thanks. Cheers John

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