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Enhanced API v1.3.23 released

On Tuesday November 6, 2018, version 1.3.23 of the Enhanced PRH API was released to production. If you encounter any problems with your applications as a result of these changes, please contact us at

Version 1.3.23 release notes

PEEPS view updated

We worked with the PEEPS project to update the data elements that we return from the /works/views/peeps endpoint.

Internal endpoint added

We added an subresource to the details of an ISBN that returns a number of data points that are useful to internal applications. Because some of this data is considered sensitive, users who try to access this data via the public endpoints will get back an HTTP 401 Unauthorized. It can be specified by appending /internal to the end of a title specification.


The representation includes data such as the SAP network number and span code as well as people such as the editor and publicist.

Abstract primary contributors

The changes with RHAPI-1070 and RHAPI-1036 pertain to removing hard coded values referring to specific contributor roles that were specific to the US and Canada. As we expand to include UK and Australian data, we needed to identify authors and illustrators via table entries rather than with these hard coded values.

Author has link only when photo is present

As part of the Author representation, we had previously always returned a _links object with rel=icon because it could be constructed from the AUTHORID value and a static prefix. However we've now added logic such that this link is only included if our database indicates that such an image is present. It should be fairly trivial to construct what the URLs would be for these authors where the database does not report the image present and it is helpful to some sites to know in advance whether they can expect to find an image.

Other changes

There were several other changes including one for which adds an ID field to the keyword documents returned by search and another which added a parameter for Sales Platform that has to do with selecting representative ISBNs. In addition, a bug was fixed where a /titles request for a series without a category would not return data when it should.


  • [RHAPI-1070] - also-in author view has hard-coded contrib role codes
  • [RHAPI-1073] - /titles zoom request for Series includes INNER JOIN to ISBNxCATEGORY


  • [RHAPI-658] - Publicist Information on RHAPI
  • [RHAPI-1027] - Add Title data attributes (internal endpoint)
  • [RHAPI-1036] - Change how author-display and search-display identify primary contributors
  • [RHAPI-1059] - Add id value to keyword docType in Search and Predictive Search
  • [RHAPI-1063] - Add Solr endpoint to /healthy
  • [RHAPI-1071] - Create a parameter that will drive a specific format priority logic for Higher Education
  • [RHAPI-1072] - Modify Author "icon" link when cover image is present
  • [RHAPI-1074] - Update PEEPS view