Penguin Random House APIs

Enhanced PRH API

The new API that has been available since 2015

Check the blog for the latest release notes.

Resources API V1

The original Random House REST Services API that has been available since 2011

IO Docs

Use the IO Docs to test out either API using your key.


  1. eliotcole2 years ago

    Hiya, I'm getting a "403 Forbidden" when using the IO Docs to test, giving the error: "developer inactive"

    When I look into it on this PRH dev site, I found this link, which is apparently to a forum post on this particular issue ... but clicking it seems to lead to nothing.

    Just thought I'd mention it, not angling for support or anything (I'll figure it out, I'm sure), just letting you know.

  2. Michael F.2 years ago

    To add to eliotcole's comment:

    My account switched from "developer inactive" to "active" after 7 days from the initial creation of the Enhanced PRH API. There is no way to contact any kind of support through this website but it seems like the account status changes automatically

  3. Tom2 years ago

    Signing up for an API key can be done by anyone. Once a key is requested/registered, it has to be activated by an API manager. This can take time to get to and is a manual step.

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