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Enhanced API v1.4.2 released

On Wednesday March 6, 2019, version 1.4.2 of the Enhanced PRH API was released to production. If you encounter any problems with your applications as a result of these changes, please contact us at

Version 1.4.2 release notes

This is a minor release that adds two features. For our special markets group, the siteFilter parameter now also accepts the value 'PreK12'.

For Canada, we've added the ability to filter out details in the /works/{workId}/views/product-display view with the parameter ignoreProductType. This parameter can be specified multiple times and will prevent the inclusion of any ISBNs in the formats element that have any of those product types.


  • [RHAPI-1139] - Create siteFilter for PreK-12 website
  • [RHAPI-1140] - Add ignoreProductType parameter to product display view