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Enhanced API v1.4.3 released

On Wednesday April 3, 2019, version 1.4.3 of the Enhanced PRH API was released to production. If you encounter any problems with your applications as a result of these changes, please contact us at

Version 1.4.3 release notes

This release adds a new element to the Title representation called illustPhoto which is sourced from a pair of fields in the MyHouse database called ILLUSTPHOTO and ILLUSTPHOTO2.


        "originalIsbn": null,
        "otherFields": {

This same element has also been added to the product display view, /domains/PRH.US/titles/9781580934190/views/product-display, so you can get this data on that summary as well.

The other change in this release has to do with the logic associated with the /keywords sub-resource, accessed from a particular ISBN. Previously we only exposed the keyword data that was associated with the exact ISBN that was specified as part of the request. So for example work ID #42 has two ISBNs, 9780834824492 and 9781590304587, but only 9780834824492 has an entry in the keywords table. So under version 1.4.2, this request for the keywords of 9781590304587 would return no data but it now returns the keywords from its sibling ISBN.


    "keywords": [
      "judaism;jewish history;religious books;religion;jewish;prayer;parenting;spirituality;bible;faith;bible study;theology;devotional;spiritual;kabbalah;christian;christianity;ethics;philosophy;self help;work;family;reference;passover;islam;collection;psychology;catholic;occult;god;meditation;education;buddhism;job;relationships;prayers;spirit;how to;biography;marriage;picture books;inspiration;short stories;torah;hasidism;jewish culture;motherhood;wisdom;school;parenting books;meditations;love;art"


  • [RHAPI-339] - Add illustration count to Title representation
  • [RHAPI-1114] - Add title_t.illustphoto and title_t.illustphoto2 values to titles data
  • [RHAPI-1144] - Expose publisher keywords for any ISBN of the work
  • [RHAPI-1147] - Add prhunited-source and prhunited-match views to /titles