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Enhanced API v1.4.4 released

On Wednesday June 5, 2019, version 1.4.4 of the Enhanced PRH API was released to production. If you encounter any problems with your applications as a result of these changes, please contact us at api@penguinrandomhouse.com.

Version 1.4.4 release notes

This release adds a few new features and fixes a bug that was throwing an error in the peeps view when some data was not available.

We enhanced the /search/views/search-display endpoint to include a count of roles for authors and the 'isKids' and 'isNumbered' flags for series


        "id": "author-2060462-PRH.US",
        "key": "2060462",
        "name": "David Womersley",
        "docType": "author",
        "score": 2189.14,
        "seoFriendlyUrl": "\/authors\/2060462\/david-womersley",
        "authorId": "2060462",
        "authorOf": null,
        "photoCredit": null,
        "onTour": false,
        "authorBio": "David Womersley is the Thomas Warton Professor of Literature at the University of Oxford. Among his interests are Jonathan Swift (he was the general editor of the CUP edition of Swift), Daniel Defoe and Edward Gibbon, whose <i>Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire <\/i>he edited for Penguin Classics.",
        "hasAuthorPhoto": false,
        "firstInitial": "D",
        "lastInitial": "W",
        "authorPhotoUrl": "https:\/\/images.randomhouse.com\/author\/2060462",
        "roles": {
          "A": 1,
          "E": 8,
          "U": 2,
          "V": 7,
          "Z": 7


        "id": "series-DPY-PRH.US",
        "key": "DPY",
        "name": "Horrible Harry",
        "docType": "series",
        "score": 1977.9231,
        "seoFriendlyUrl": "\/series\/DPY\/horrible-harry",
        "seriesAuthor": [
            "authorId": 2138368,
            "authorDisplay": "Suzy Weaver Kline"
        "seriesIsbn": "9780140385526",
        "seriesCount": 37,
        "seriesDescription": "For Horrible Harry, Song Lee, and the rest of their friends in Room 3B every day at school is a chance for fun, mystery, and adventure. And Harry is always at the center of it all!",
        "isNumbered": true,
        "isKids": true

We also fixed an error so that you're now able to properly embed keywords in a Title response.


    "_embeds": [
        "keywords": [
          "gifts for dad;self-help books;motivational books;surfing books;biography;sports;biographies;self help;sport;spirituality;motivation;business books;autobiographies;self help books;creativity;happiness;sports books;sports biographies;books for dad;new age;surfing;belief;healing;biographies of famous people;spiritual books;inspirational books for women;self help books for women;self improvement books;intuition;autobiography;gratitude;surf;self care;self development books;affirmations;surf book;aura"
        "_embeds": null,
        "_links": [


New Feature

  • [RHAPI-1151] - Add role count to author objects in search-display view
  • [RHAPI-1152] - Add isKids element to series objects in search-display view


  • [RHAPI-1098] - Add parameter to ListWorksRequest for selecting Simile version
  • [RHAPI-1153] - Add zoom support for /internal