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Enhanced API v1.4.5 released

On Wednesday July 3, 2019, version 1.4.5 of the Enhanced PRH API was released to production. If you encounter any problems with your applications as a result of these changes, please contact us at

Version 1.4.5 release notes

This release fixes a couple bugs and adds a couple of new features. Last month we added a new isKids element in the search display results but it was not consistently being populated because of a SQL error. Similarly the ignoreCatUri was not generating the proper SQL request and both of those problems were resolved though there are still performance problems with the 'ignoreCatUri' parameter.

As for new features, we added a new element childrensBookCategory as part of the Title representation for the kids group. The data comes from the BOOK_CATG field in MyHouse.

We also added a description to the contributor representation in the work list display view, roleCodeDesc, which contains text such as "Author" or "Reader". This makes it easier to build logic against a specific role when consuming both US and UK data as the role codes are not consistent between the two systems but the descriptions are fairly close.

Finally, we added a new filter parameter hasAgeRange that can be used to restrict the results to just titles where AGERANGECODE is populated (hasAgeRange=true) or not (hasAgeRange=false). This feature was useful for filtering data out of the SALESPLATFORM domain as part of specifying siteFilter=Backlist.


  • [RHAPI-1158] - Search display element isKids not consistently populated
  • [RHAPI-1160] - The ignoreCatUri parameter does not test catSetId

New Feature

  • [RHAPI-1159] - Expose BOOK_CATG element as part of Title representation
  • [RHAPI-1156] - Add contrib role desc to works list display view
  • [RHAPI-1166] - Add filter hasAgeRange