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Web link attrs

The API source database uses the tables ISBNxWEBLINK and AUTHORxWEBLINK to track a variety of web and URL data related to books and authors. These tables are exposed as subresources of the Title and Author resources with /titles/{isbn}/weblinks and /authors/{authorId}/weblinks. Both of these tables have a field named linkattr which is exposed as the API parameters titleWebLinkAttr and authorWebLinkAttr (see Common Parameters).

Filtering web links

The linkattr value indicates what type of URL data is being represented and you can provide one or more of the possible values to restrict the type of weblinks that the subresources return. For example /titles/{isbn}/weblinks?linkAttr=19000&linkAttr=23000 returns just Twitter and Instagram accounts for the specified book while /authors/{authorId}/weblinks?linkAttr=6000 returns the specified author's blog. As always, if no entries exist that satisfy the requirements, an HTTP 404 will be returned.


LINKATTR Description ISBN? Author?
0 Author Website (for TI CAT) X
1000 Internal Feature Sites X X
2000 Internal Special Offer Site X X
3000 External Author Sites X X
4000 External Related Sites X X
6000 Blog X X
7000 Video Stream X X
8000 Podcast X X
9000 RSS Feed X X
10000 Related Video (YouTube) X X
11000 RH Speakers Bureau
12000 Excerpt (embed code) X
13000 Slideshow X
14000 Playlist X
15000 Pinterest X
16000 Penguin Author Photo X
17000 Facebook URL X
18000 Facebook Application X
19000 Twitter X
20000 Tumblr X
21000 Google Plus X
22000 Penguin Marketing Cover X
23000 Instagram X
24000 Penguin Audiobook Excerpt X