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Resources API V1


Note: this document refers to the original Resources API V1, not the newer Enhanced PRH API


The Random House Rest Services can be used to get data about books, authors and events.

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All RHRS requests are secured via BASIC HTTP authentication over HTTPS.

Request Type

At this point in time, all requests use the GET method.

Content Type

The RHRS API can return data in one of three formats depending on the content type that is supplied as part of the request.

  • application/xml
  • application/json
  • image/*

The image content type is only applicable to the /request/titles/ISBN resource as it will return the cover image.


Any one of a book's contributors including roles such as author, illustrator, or reader.
An author event such as a book signing. Event records reference an author and possibly a title as well as specifications of the time and place of the event.
A reference to a specific version of a book identified by an ISBN. For example the Hardcover and Paperback versions of a book are considered separate titles.
A collection of titles that share the same content identified by a Random House-specific Work ID. Different formats of a title are collected under the same Work ID