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These pages detail various concepts employed in the Enhanced PRH API.

  • Domains - domains are how you specify the universe of titles to work with
  • Zoom/Embed - the zoom parameter allows you to combine several calls into a single response
  • Categories - define category sets, the category hierarchy and what it means to sequence categories
  • Works and ISBNs - different formats of the same title are grouped together into a record we call Work
  • Web link attrs - Titles and Authors have links to related media and other resources that are categorized using a field called "attr"
  • Frontlistiest - the rules around ordering Titles of a Work
  • Print score - sorting and filtering using information about the LTD in print
  • Multiple authors - understanding why the API sometimes has multiple author records for the same person and how to work with them
  • Contributor role - people associated with a book are generally called authors but their specific contributions to the title are described with a contributor role code
  • Series numbers - explain the difference between numbered and unnumbered series and also why the seriesCount does not always match the count of works in that series
  • POST requests - some listing requests can be issued as an HTTP POST so that the number of filter parameters that can be supplied is unlimited.